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Your eyes are an essential part of your appearance and style. When you want to enhance the beauty of your eyes or draw attention to your eyes, you may benefit from eyelash extensions. The extensions improve the appearance of your eyes by darkening the area and creating an appearance of long lashes. At our spa and salon, we provide services to improve the appearance of your eyelashes.

Woman's eye lashes before and after 5 STARR treatment.

What are Eyelash Extensions?

Eyelash extensions refer to synthetic materials used to improve the appearance of your eyelashes and eyes. Essentially, they are fake lashes that allow you to save time in your normal routine. You do not need to apply the lashes every day, which allows you to focus on other tasks, interests or activities throughout your day.

  • Temporary Lash Application – $10 (with set $25)
  • Lash Perming - $50 (add tint $20)
  • Individual Full Set – $150

  • 2 week – $45
  • 3 week – $55

  • 2D/3D full set – $200
  • 4D/6D full set– $225

  • 2 week – $55
  • 3 week – $65

We offer different materials and options based on your budget, current goals and your preferences for your eyelashes. We may recommend temporary eyelash extensions when you want the lashes for a special event or have never worn fake lashes in the past. We offer more complex options when you want more permanent or long-term results.

Eyelash Services in Grove City Ohio

We provide a variety of services in our eyelash salon here in Grove City Ohio. Our services focus on your preferences for your eyelashes and range from applying temporary lashes to giving you volume lashes that further improve your appearance.

The temporary lashes have the lowest cost and help you stay on track when you have a strict budget. We also offer 2D/3D full sets and 4D/6D full sets for more voluminous lashes. When you want to enhance the curl of your lashes, we offer eyelash perming that curls the lashes. Our rates range from $10 for temporary lash application to $225 for voluminous full sets of lashes. You can also fill lashes after the initial extensions to maintain the appearance of your lashes for $45 to $65, depending on the duration and the type of lashes you select.

Getting the Lashes You Want Today!

In our salon, we help you get the ideal eyelashes for your style. Whether you want to enhance the appearance of your current lashes with tinting and a perm or you prefer to add to the lashes with extensions, we offer different services for your preferences. Our team makes it easy to improve the appearance of your eyes with long eyelashes.

Eyelash extensions give you the opportunity to enhance and improve your appearance. Depending on your preferences for style, length, and thickness, we offer full sets of lashes and temporary options for your eyes. To learn more about our eyelash services, call 614-5STARRS today.

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