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There are many reasons to take care of your skin. For one thing, it’s your biggest organ and your barrier against the outside environment, and keeping it healthy keeps you healthy. For another, it is quite literally the face you present to the world …and wouldn’t you like that face to be as lovely as possible?

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Facial Treatment in Grove City, OH.

That’s where facials come in, gentle treatments that improve your complexion, brighten your skin and make it possible to wear less makeup and flaunt more of your natural visage. We invite you to learn more about facials and what they can do for you today.

Facial Treatments and Prices

  • Blemish Blaster – $50
  • 5 STARR Express – $75
  • 5 STARR Custom Facial – $95
  • Dynamic Resurfacing Facial – $120
  • Pro Collagen Age Defying Facial – $140
  • Skin IQ Men’s Facial – $85
  • Back Facial – $75

If you’re looking for a facial treatment near Grove City OH, you’ve come to the right place. We specialize in topnotch skin care in a calming environment. Each of our services is performed by trained and licensed aestheticians, whose only job is to make you feel healthier and more beautiful.

Why Get a Facial Treatment?

Wondering why you might want to get a facial treatment? Good question. Each facial treatment is actually a series of steps, beginning with gentle cleansing and exfoliation, steaming your skin and extracting impurities, applying a mask and massaging your scalp, hands, feet or other parts of your body.

Additional Facial Treatment Benefits

For those of you who need a little more convincing, consider some of these additional facial treatment benefits.

  • Facials Last - The results of your treatment give you a bright and healthy glow for two to three days, but they lend less obvious long-term benefits as well. For the next 4-8 weeks, the skin cells in your face turn over more quickly, making skin firm, plump and younger-looking.
  • Facials Unblock Pores - Most acne results from blocked pores. This occurs when oil or foreign debris buildup in pores, which close over the top and get infected, resulting in a pimple. Facials gently steam pores open and clean them out, reducing chances of acne.
  • Facials Prevent Imperfection and Infection - By getting regular facials, you can avoid many of the skin infections that come with popping zits, as well as the scarring that occurs when you do so.
  • Facials Are Like a Massage… with Better Skin - One of the best things about facials is how relaxing they are. You just sit back and close your eyes for an hour, then enjoy gentle steaming, massaging and heat. Yes, please!
  • Facials Are a Salon-Only Service - Facials are a great deal for no other reason than you just can’t get the same treatment at home. Good luck getting ahold of, or affording, the steam machines and LED lights that help clear pores and stimulate cellular regeneration. While self-care is encouraged, “home facials” are frankly a myth.
  • Facials Come with Expert Advice - If your skin gives you trouble, or if it is changing as you age, you might not know why. An expert can take a look at your skin, explain what’s going on and recommend the best course of treatment. All for the same price as your service.

Last but not least, rounding out this list of facial treatment benefits is the fact that they’re well worth the money. A single facial can keep your skin looking prettier for two months than a raft of beauty counter creams, lotions, foundations and powders. Consider funneling some of your personal care fund toward a routine facial regimen, and you won’t look back.

Call 614-5STARRS to learn more about how we can help you and your skin. We look forward to showing you how beautiful you can be!

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