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Taking measures to prepare for a special event or to enjoy a beautiful appearance at any time of the year does not mean giving up on your health. Getting the perfect tan is not dangerous when you consider our spray tan services. We offer a solution that makes it easy to keep up with your style and look amazing throughout the year.

Before and after of spray tanning in Grove City.

What is a Spray Tan?

A spray tan refers to a type of tanning service provided by a spa or salon. It uses a gentle spray over your body and starts at the face. The actual results depend on your preferences and discussion with one of our technician. We make it easy to determine the right tan for your skin by clarifying your options before starting the process. Unlike a traditional tan, you do not waste time in harmful sunlight.


  • Spray tan - $35
  • Brush and Bronze - $45

Benefits of Spray Tanning

The advantages of spray tanning depend on your situation and plans. By working with our team of technicians, we help you determine the best look for your style and plans.

Common benefits of spray tanning include:

    • Avoiding harmful UV rays
    • Avoiding a painful sunburn
    • Improving your appearance
    • Getting a healthy glow on your skin
    • Preventing harm to your skin
    • Preparing for an event

Getting the perfect tan does not necessarily mean taking risks with your health. You do not need a sunburn or to waste your time in the sun to get a healthy glow to your skin. Instead, you can spray tan and enjoy the beautiful results without the harmful radiation.

Why Consider 5 STARR Salon & Spa | Spray Tan Services

Our spray tan service makes it fast and easy for you to enjoy a beautiful appearance. We offer reasonable prices and help you get the look you want without unnecessary health risks. A simple spray tan in our salon is only $35 and you can get a brush and bronze for $45. Our low rates make it easy to prepare for that special event or upcoming photos. We also have trained technicians that will discuss your preferences before starting the procedure.

Spray tanning gives you an opportunity to enjoy an attractive appearance. The key is focusing on the appearance you want and discussing your preferences for your skin with a professional. By working with a professional spray tan salon, you enjoy the results of your new tan. To learn more about the advantages of spray tanning or to set up an appointment to discuss your tanning options with a technician, call 614-5STARRS today.

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